not going back


laughing with your best friend until your stomachs hurt <3



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let’s be lonely together.


it was really weird.
i felt really weird.
i was one of the last ones to go.
but i couldn’t cry when i did.
i couldn’t…
i just felt very like… oh man this is like,
i don’t know man you know when you like your parents like
drop you off at college or you graduate and you’re just like, 
“oh… so i’m not going back there?”,
it’s a recurring theme i feel like is in everything in life;
life is learning about how to let go about stuff.
you really can’t enjoy things for what they are while you’re in it.
once you’re like, “oh i get high school”,  you’re out of high school.
once you’re like out of a relationship you’re like, “oh i get it you’re supposed to…”,
no. you’re done. 
it’s all about the experience.
so like my experiences so far have been unmatched.
no one could ever really… get it.
but we’re all alone in the end, so it’s good. 
that’s the way it has to be.
and that’s ok… you’re alone in the beginning too.
but i mean it’s good that we have these interactions you know like
you come together, then you come apart that’s the way the universe is.
i learned this last year the most important thing.
and that is the only love that is reciprocal is the love of self, that’s the only thing. 
you really have to like yourself,
you can’t rely on other people. that’s wack. that’s so wack.
to be like, “please fill in these holes in me that i don’t think i’m strong enough to handle…”
that’s wack.
you have to like yourself enough to be like, “no this idea is cool and i like it.”
what happened to she completes me?
oh.. that… that’s stupid.
that’s dumb.  
nah, he or she is a really really good friend, sometimes i get intimate with them (it’s great), but they are on this journey with me and if they left, it’d be ok. you have to do that to yourself otherwise you’re just wasting your… everything.
i want to go on record though and say i don’t really know anything… i’ve learned things from me and my experiences… but that’s me.

Even if you know what’s coming, you’re never prepared for how it feels.

—Natalie Standiford, How to Say Goodbye in Robot (via larmoyante)


does it suck? yeah.

did it have to be done? yeah.

thanks for everything this summer (literally everything),


but now i have one less thing to tie me to arvada, which is kind of refreshing in a somewhat twisted, backwards way?

definitely refreshing in a twisted, backwards way.

now just take me back home to foco.